One Screen. Direct Access to Global Market Liquidity.

Since 2001, CanDeal has been the leading electronic marketplace for Canadian dollar debt securities. In 2012, CanDeal made its first move into OTC derivatives with the launch of its Canadian dollar interest rate swaps (CAD IRS) platform – a first in Canada. CanDeal’s technology services are provided by Tradeweb Market LLC, which allows participants to trade seamlessly across products, and borders, offered by CanDeal and Tradeweb.

The history of the Canadian multi-dealer to client electronic markets dates back to CanDeal’s inception when we introduced the request-for-quote (RFQ) trading protocol. Since then, CanDeal has remained at the forefront of the ongoing evolution to electronic markets, pioneering the introduction of commingled money market screens and the launch of CAD IRS. These advances would not have been possible without the support of Canada’s leading investment dealers, all of which provide liquidity on demand to the growing CanDeal buy-side client community.

Our markets are built using world-class technology that is proven and sound. CanDeal provides optimal transparency and workflow efficiencies that cannot be replicated by the telephone. As markets evolve, CanDeal continues to partner with, and assist its participants exceed their investment goals, while complying with operating and regulatory mandates. CanDeal provides unique solutions that are tailored to the Canadian marketplace in three sectors of the market: rates, money market, and OTC derivatives.

Liquidity Providers
Efficient markets require deep pools of liquidity. CanDeal has assembled the deepest electronic liquidity pool for Canadian rates, money market and derivatives products. Investment dealers continue to seek the most efficient means to service their growing global client base - they do so by providing liquidity on our marketplace. 

Liquidity Takers
A top-tier roster of more than 250 institutions constitute a powerful buy-side community on CanDeal. These participants include: fund managers, central banks, insurance companies and other institutional investors, all of which leverage CanDeal to execute billions of dollars of Canadian rates, money market and derivatives trades daily.